What's New? Update – July 30, 2003

There is lots of recent good news to share:

I just received a sample cover of the revised and updated edition of Victims No Longer. I couldn’t be more pleased. It is beautiful and inspiring – and very much in keeping with the tone of the book.
All of the material has been submitted, and the official publication date is April 2004. This means that it should be available from booksellers sometime in March. I’m pleased with the expanded content as well as the cover.


Another event has been added to my September trip to England. In addition to the events in Bradford, West Yorkshire and Swindon, Wiltshire, I will be conducting a one-day training workshop in Southampton, Hampshire on Friday, September 12th.

For further information and/or registration for this event, contact Gillian Finch at cisters@btinternet.com


Most exciting is the news that we have been successful in raising the funds to bring Ken Hampton to the MaleSurvivor Conference in Minneapolis. I thank everyone who contributed (money, time, ideas, and expressions of support) to making this happen.

There have already been positive ripples from this effort. The government of Australia’s Northern Territory will underwrite some of the cost of Ken’s visit to the US – possibly to include meetings with members of indigenous groups in the US and Canada. They may also send another representative of the Australian Aborigine people to accompany Ken. Thanks to these efforts, Ken is making many contacts in Australia: an Aboriginal male survivor is being listened to - and his ideas paid attention to – by professionals and government officials. These are exciting times.

Plans are underway to create services for Aboriginal survivors of sexual abuse, train individuals within indigenous communities, and educate communities about abuse and recovery.


And the international connections continue. I just heard from another impressive Ken. Ken Clearwater is one of the people who started the first male survivor support group in Christchurch, New Zealand over 12 years ago. The group is still meeting, and Ken is the driving force of New Zealand’s Male Survivor of Sexual Abuse Trust (MSSAT).

Ken said that he also plans to attend the Minneapolis Conference. So many connections are being made. I now look forward to greater communication beyond the English-speaking world.

Ken writes of how busy he has been lately, in the face of the explosion of events surrounding abuse by Roman Catholic clergy in New Zealand.

If you wish to communicate with Ken, you can reach him at mssat@survivor.org.nz


In the midst of difficult times, it is good to be able to see areas of hope and progress.

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