What's New? Update – June 12, 2002

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It was suggested to me that I include a more personal column on this web
site, writing about matters that I think would be of interest to survivors
and their allies and suggesting resources that I (or others) have found
useful. I'll be adding to this section from time to time. Here goes.

This first communication will be brief. I'm busily updating Victims No
. HarperCollins is interested in releasing a revised edition of the
book in February, 2003. That means they want all the revisions done by
August 1st—a daunting task. While I'm very pleased that it is happening,
it requires a lot of time and energy. The fact that Harper is talking about
doing a major publicity push when the book is released means that the
information will reach a new group of survivors. (The sad part is that there
are still so many abuse survivors to be reached—and still so many children
being abused.)


If you haven't yet read Richard Hoffman's wonderful memoir, Half the
, I strongly recommend it . It is an abuse and recovery memoir, but
also far more. You can link to Richard's web site from this one (click on
Resources) for a sample of his powerful writing.

The Maine based non-profit organization, Gift from Within (see the link
to their web site in the Resources section) has been producing a number of
excellent resources for trauma survivors. One of the most impressive is a
video called "When Helping Hurts," about vicarious traumatization and
compassion fatigue among trauma professionals. It comes in both a 15 minute and a longer version. It should be viewed by anyone who works with trauma survivors.


That's all for this first newsletter. Watch this space.

I wish you all the best.

Peace, justice, courage, and love,

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